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Young Families: Learn How To Plan Your Future (Ep. 35)

What’s important to you?

When looking at your and your family’s future, it’s crucial to integrate goals, challenges, and processes within your plan. 

From the importance of communication, education, and consistency to debt and budgeting tricks, this week, Jose and Jeff Feliciano provide you with the roadmap you need to consider when planning ahead for your and your family’s future. 

Jose and Jeff discuss: 

  • Owning versus renting a house
  • The importance of investing in yourself
  • How challenges can turn into opportunities for your future 
  • How to manage budgeting and debt when building for a family
  • And more!


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Learn How to Avoid These Critical Financial Bad Habits (Ep. 32)

It can be easy to slip into bad habits with your finances, especially with the many distractions and temptations we face everyday. 

Learn how to question and say no to overindulging into your savings or bonus to prepare for a successful future.

In this episode, Jose Feliciano and Jeff Feliciano discuss the critical habits to avoid while dealing with your finances. Hear more about how you can take action to plan more responsibly and utilize the resources around you to make more responsible and emotion-free decisions.

Jose and Jeff discusses: 

  • How impactful ignoring your debt can be on your financial situation
  • How critical it is to have an emergency fund and monitor your priorities to make effective financial decisions 
  • The importance of capitalizing on your 401k if it is accessible 
  • How to work on taking your emotion and fear out of your financial planning
  • And more

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20. This is How to Write An Effective Financial Plan

By writing an effective financial plan, you can focus on achieving your goals and focusing on the things that matter most in your life.

In this episode, Jose Feliciano and Jeff Feliciano discuss the process of writing an effective financial plan, the typical gaps they notice in clients’ plans, and how they address these gaps.

Jose and Jeff discuss:

  • How to start the process of creating an effective and encompassing financial plan
  • The types of gaps in the financial planning process
  • How often you should be reviewing your financial plan 
  • And more

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