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18. 10 Tips to Help Empower Women Investors

Women still earn less money than men for the same role, but they tend to live longer—which means that every woman should have her own financial plan with her own needs in mind.

In this episode, Jose Feliciano and Jeff Feliciano share ten tips to help empower female investors to have more financial independence now and in the future.

Jose and Jeff discuss: 

  • Why communication is key to making smart decisions with money
  • How to stay organized to maintain access to all important financial documents
  • The importance of putting your plan in writing
  • Why you should understand what you own financially
  • And more


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Episode 15 – Crucial Conversations Around Business — Part 2

Business owners often don’t take the time to call a timeout. But the truth is, it is necessary to focus on a strategic plan for what’s next for the company in the future.

In part two of this mini-series, Jose Feliciano and Jeff Feliciano focus on conversations you need to have with family members and other individuals in your business about the business.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The difference between fair and equal when it comes to the transition of the business within family members
  • How to communicate the things that are important within the business with key employees
  • The sale of a business—and the options for a business owner
  • And more!

Tune in as Jose and Jeff Feliciano discuss how to enhance communication with your family members and key employees within the business to have those critical conversations!

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