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Checklist: Here Are The Components of a Planning Process (Ep. 33)

Whether you changed jobs, are at a new stage in your life, or the markets have experienced a change, it’s crucial to review your portfolio and its structure to best fit your goals.

In this episode, Jose and Jeff Feliciano reveal their checklist to ensure you and your advisor are hitting the right components of a planning process. Together, they give you the tips you need to approach change in your portfolio and better support your loved ones. 

Jeff and Jose discuss: 

  • The importance of reviewing your objectives and risk tolerance on a yearly basis
  • How to nail down your asset structure to have an efficient growth strategy
  • Tips to better manage your cash flow particularly in a state of inflation
  • Financial strategies to support your loved ones
  • And more!


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Learn How to Avoid These Critical Financial Bad Habits (Ep. 32)

It can be easy to slip into bad habits with your finances, especially with the many distractions and temptations we face everyday. 

Learn how to question and say no to overindulging into your savings or bonus to prepare for a successful future.

In this episode, Jose Feliciano and Jeff Feliciano discuss the critical habits to avoid while dealing with your finances. Hear more about how you can take action to plan more responsibly and utilize the resources around you to make more responsible and emotion-free decisions.

Jose and Jeff discusses: 

  • How impactful ignoring your debt can be on your financial situation
  • How critical it is to have an emergency fund and monitor your priorities to make effective financial decisions 
  • The importance of capitalizing on your 401k if it is accessible 
  • How to work on taking your emotion and fear out of your financial planning
  • And more

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Some Good Financial Habits to Have (Ep. 31)

It might be stressful trying to figure out where to start with your financial planning. However, taking no action on your financial planning is an action.

Creating a plan, no matter your goals, is essential for success.

In this episode, Jose Feliciano and Jeff Feliciano discuss the financial habits that will lead you to success. No financial plan is the same, it is important to figure out your interests and goals to be able to build good financial habits.

Jose and Jeff discuss:

  • How to consider volatility when creating a financial and retirement plan
  • Building an appropriate investment plan around your personal risk tolerance
  • The importance of diversifying your portfolio across asset classes to reduce volatility
  • Why you should remove your emotions from your investment decision-making
  • And more

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9 Critical Financial Considerations for Business Owners (Ep. 30)

More and more people have been changing their careers and starting a business since the start of the pandemic.

It is important to be proactive and consider planning for the future of your business and your employees.

In this episode, Jose Feliciano and Jeff Feliciano discuss the nine things business owners should consider to plan proactively for the health and safety of their business, family, and employees. They discuss the importance of getting different perspectives on your business operations and how to protect your business’s future.

Jose and Jeff discuss:

  • The importance of supporting your employees’ wellbeing
  • Planning for the future of your business and your retirement
  • How to plan to give back to the community and charity of your choice
  • The importance of getting multiple opinions on the operation of your business
  • And more

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10 Common Objections to Estate Planning (Ep. 29)

You never know what comes tomorrow. Take time to plan your future, for your investments AND your estate, for yourself and your loved ones.

In this episode, Jose Feliciano and Jeff Feliciano identify the 10 common objections to estate planning and why it is important to begin today no matter your age, income, or family status. 

Learn why creating a plan is essential to supporting your loved ones, even before you pass.

Jose and Jeff discusses: 

  •  Why it is important to have a will no matter your background
  •  How it is a essential way to show that you love and care for your family and its future
  •  The misconceptions of estate planning that it is too expensive or time consuming
  •  The possible consequences to the health and well being of your and your family if you neglect planning
  • And more


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28. The 10 People You Should Have on Your Retirement Team

Being prepared for a life ahead of you is important for the wellbeing of you and your family. Preparation should include a team of professionals to ensure you are making more of your time, money, and looking out for your family.

In this episode, Jose Feliciano and Jeff Feliciano highlight the ten people you should have on your retirement team and discuss the importance of their participation for the overall health and wellbeing of you and your family as you enter into retirement.

Jose and Jeff discusses: 

  • How financial, property, and tax planning will reduce risk and stress for your family’s future
  • Why building a team will take care confusion for your spouse
  • The importance of planning your overall health and wellbeing to enjoy your retirement
  • Preparing your accumulated wealth for multigenerational benefit
  • And more

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27. How to Adequately Prepare for YOUR Retirement

The number one question that is asked when planning for retirement is, “How much money do I need to retire?”

It is an important question to talk about today, to put you closer on track to your goal and consider the many options you have to sustain a happy retirement.

In this episode, Jose Feliciano and Jeff Feliciano highlight the common questions and concerns that come from retirement planning, and discuss how you can create an action plan for both you and your family.

Jose and Jeff discusses: 

  •  How to identify and plan your retirement savings based on your living habits today
  • The importance of aligning charity goals with a retirement action plan
  •  Identifying and analysing financial risk and how that can affect you in retirement  
  •  How to put structure on your assets to encourage multigenerational wealth
  • And more

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25. The Biggest Concerns for Families of Wealth

For families of wealth, there can be a number of planning issues and a lot of decisions to be made that can be overwhelming. 

But involving a planning professional can help you to maintain—and continue to grow—your family’s wealth.

In this episode, Jose Feliciano and Jeff Feliciano discuss the biggest concerns for families of wealth and how they can help them make good choices throughout their lifetime. They help you navigate the many moving pieces of planning for and protecting family wealth.

Jose and Jeff discuss:

  • How they protect the wealth of a family when it comes to divorce, kids, and equality
  • How insurance works for wealthy families
  • How they help protect wealthy families with the market  
  • And more

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24. Common Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Retirement is a big decision and something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you plan on retiring soon, you should be planning ahead to avoid the most common mistakes of retirement planning.

In this episode, Jose Feliciano and Jeff Feliciano walk through some of the most common retirement mistakes people make and how to address them to get on the right path for your dream retirement.

Jose and Jeff discusses: 

  • Some of the most common retirement planning mistakes
  • How to figure out how much money you need to live the lifestyle you want in retirement
  • Some financial nightmares that people have experienced
  • Some of the common mistakes when planning for retirement with 401(k)s and 403(b)s
  • And more


  1. The End of Year Review Process

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