27. How to Adequately Prepare for YOUR Retirement

27. How to Adequately Prepare for YOUR Retirement

The number one question that is asked when planning for retirement is, “How much money do I need to retire?”

It is an important question to talk about today, to put you closer on track to your goal and consider the many options you have to sustain a happy retirement.

In this episode, Jose Feliciano and Jeff Feliciano highlight the common questions and concerns that come from retirement planning, and discuss how you can create an action plan for both you and your family.

Jose and Jeff discusses: 

  •  How to identify and plan your retirement savings based on your living habits today
  • The importance of aligning charity goals with a retirement action plan
  •  Identifying and analysing financial risk and how that can affect you in retirement  
  •  How to put structure on your assets to encourage multigenerational wealth
  • And more

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